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I am the middle child of three girls. 57 years old with three daughters of my own. They all have their own families and have given me 8 beautiful grandchildren.

I live in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, UK.

I consider myself to be a big family person, always busy involved in craft and all the 'messy' activities that the parents would 'really rather not' have in the home!

I have had depression since my teens and always found relationships and jobs difficult to maintain.

I am not egotistical in any sense, however, I have a very strong inner sense/feeling that there is something more going on that I am neither fully aware of or understand.

That's all I am prepared to say right now, other than the fact that I feel as if I am sat on the edge of things going on. That I don't belong here right now.

I totally understand how some people find that a strange concept. I long to be accepted by people and feel that most don't understand me. I can be very deep.

I am hoping that I may find some 'connections' here. Someone who may feel somewhat the same and have progressed in any way?

I would love to hear from you.


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