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Made a Big Impact on Our Lives

"I first heard about Jim's story from my mom.  She told me that her cousin heard this guy by the name of Jim who died and went to Heaven.  She started sharing with me what she was told and I was completely intrigued.  I told her that if this guy is ever in the area again, I'm going to see him!  About a month later she emailed me the upcoming dates of when Jim was in town.  My parents and I were planning on seeing him that January.  At the time my husband Ben was not going, I mentioned something to him but with his work schedule he wasn't sure if he would be able to go or not or if he even wanted to go.  January 21 came around and only about 2 hours before I needed to leave, Ben said he would go.  After hearing Jim's story for the first time I was excited!  I grew up hearing things about Heaven and read the Bible about it, but I could never get a good clear visual of what it was going to be like. After hearing Jim, I can picture it all very clearly now!  I wasn't sure what Ben thought of Jim's story but I didn't want to push it either.  I let him bring up the subject and ask the questions.  I was surprised how much we began talking about it and even more surprised when he said he wanted to see him again. 

Ben and I both have now seen him 8 times, every time you hear his story he always gives you just a little more of what it was like in Heaven.  His story has definitely impacted our lives in a very positive way.  We have a closer connection Spiritually as a couple and have re-connected with a local church.  Our children have been greatly effected by Jim as well.  They have never heard his story (they are only 4 & 5), but we have had some concerns Spiritually with our son. Jim [has] always [been] there to help us understand it and be comforted knowing that our son is connecting with God's angels, his guarding angel, and to not fear what is going on.  After only seeing Jim two times, we expressed what was going on and Jim made it a point to come to our house to make sure our home was safe and our son was OK.  He reassured us that everything is covered and protected by Christ and that what our son is seeing is good.  For Jim to find time [for us] in his very busy [schedule], and limited time here in Pennsylvania, was very impressive and make a big impact on our lives.  Jim is a very kind, compassionate person, who would do anything to help anyone in a time of need.  God has blessed our lives through Jim and we are very thankful for that each and every day.

- Ben & Tonya Moyer

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