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A Gift Sent To Us by God

"Jim Woodford is a gift sent to us by God. Since meeting Jim we live with a heavenward perspective. It's so easy to live focused on the day to day life struggles but we have the hope of heaven. Jim's vivid details of heaven and message of hope in Jesus has so encouraged our walk [with the Lord]. His message calls us to the higher purpose of heaven. It is real!! And so is hell and what we do on earth really matters. Prayer really matters! He also offers so much hope for our loved ones, who may not have accepted Christ yet, to never give up."

-Kristie Walter


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"I have always been a believer in life after this [life].  When hearing Jim's story, it has confirmed this 1,000%." - Bill Bering Jr.

"I first heard about Jim's story from my mom.  She told me that her cousin heard this guy by the name of Jim who died and went to Heaven.  She started sharing with me what she was told and I was compl

"One Day about a year ago my sister called me and told me about a man who died and went to heaven and came back to tell about this experience. She said he was going to be speaking in Manheim, PA, and

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